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Riding your bike is a wonderful way to exercise, de-stress, and enjoy life. However, factory-made grips are NEVER comfortable. After awhile of biking, your hands and wrists can start to feel sore and fatigued. It doesn't matter if you're a leisurely rider or an athlete, you know what we're talking about!

That's why our team of bike enthusiasts decided to come up with a product that will diminish hand and wrist pain, numbness, and relieve pressure that is caused by standard bike grips. Awesome!


  • RELIEVES AND PREVENT INJURIES - You'll what the ergonomic grips can do for you! They are designed to make your bike rides more comfortable and to help prevent and/or worsen injuries.
  • EXTREME COMFORT - Our grips are engineered to provide support to your entire palm and wrist area. No more harmful pressure during long bike rides! Say goodbye to aches, cramps, and numbing.
  • 180° ADJUSTABLE BAR ENDS (INCLUDED) - Along with the grips, you'll also receive a posh pair of bar ends that are easy to adjust because they can rotate a full 180-degrees. These bar ends make it easy to switch between different hand positions.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - You'll LOVE how easy these grips are to install! All you need is an Allen wrench and a small screwdriver. That's it!
  • COMPATIBILITY - Each grip measures 5.6"/14cm x 4.6"/11.7cm x 1.2"/3.10cm. Suitable for all 22.2mm diameter bike handlebars. Most bike handlebars are 22mm and have enough room for these grips.