Windshield Umbrella Shade

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The Windshield Umbrella Shade instantly opens and closes to help keep your car surfaces up to 35 degrees cooler! Wow! That's perfect when parking in the sun

Designed from premium metallic-shield fabric, Windshield Umbrella Shade blocks most of the sun’s heat from your windshield and protects car interiors from fading due to uV ray penetration.

Right now, the Windshield Umbrella Shade is on SALE!


  • Regulates Temperature - keeps your car surfaces up to 35 degrees cooler•
  • Protects Against Fading -  Your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats won't fade in color due to UV rays
  • Extreme Coverage - Entire windshield is covered
  • Easy to Use - Hold the shade over your dash and press the button to open and place it onto the windshield
  • Compact Design - opens & closes with the touch of a button for easy use and storage
  • Premium Metallic-Shield Fabric - Excellent for blocking UV rays
  • Ergonomic Handle - makes a great portable, personal umbrella with enough room for two!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Windshield Umbrella Shade